Buying a nursing bra is not like buying cereal or even an ordinary everyday bra. Most women are not thinking about it until they have their child in their arms and breastfeeding. Then, suddenly, they realize that their current bras work terribly for the situation.

So they go to the closest shop on the block and pick up the cheapest thing on the rack. 

But buying maternity bras requires a bit more work and research this time around. Having a child is all about throwing routines out of whack, and that is when mistakes are made. So in this article, we are going to point out a number of mistakes that people make all the time when shop for nursing bras.

Without much ado, let’s have a look at these nursing bras mistakes. 

Mistake 1: Untimely fittings

Although the size of the breasts of a woman is likely to change throughout her entire lifetime, the change is more pronounced when she gets pregnant, especially during the initial eight weeks after birth. Unfortunately, that’s the time many nursing mothers rush to buy nursing bras. A fitting bra bought at this time is highly likely to become oversize after the first eight weeks of childbirth as the body (including breasts) of the nursing woman will have learnt to regulate milk supply. The best time for a woman to determine her ideal nursing bra size is the eighth, ninth month of her pregnancy or from the eighth week of her child delivery. 

Mistake 2: Purchasing the incorrect band size

Planning is vital when a woman is expectant. If you are pregnant, it’s advisable to have everything you and your new bundle of joy will need during and after delivery.  Of course, buying nursing bras should be among the things you need to do within your pregnancy period.  The beauty with nursing bras is that you can wear them even during your pregnancy journey.

However, many first-time mothers feel disappointed upon realizing that the nursing bras they’d bought when they were pregnant have become oversize a few weeks after childbirth. This problem results from failure to consider the fact that an expectant mother’s rib cage will contract once she gives birth. To avoid this, as you fit in a nursing bra while pregnant, ensure that it has 4 to 6 hooks and its back band is clasped to the loosest hook. If the bra fits you well when fastened that way, it gives you room to reduce its band size to accommodate your reducing rib cage after childbirth. 

Mistake 3: Buying a bra with an ill-fitting cup

Many women know that it’s not healthy to have very tight bras on while they are nursing. Breasts are very sensitive when a woman is breastfeeding and so, wearing a bra with very compressing cups feels quite uncomfortable. To avoid this, some mothers resolve to purchase nursing bras with extra room in the cups- another mistake. Such bras won’t offer breasts the right support.

Instead of buying nursing bras with extra room in the cups, breastfeeding women are advised to buy ones with stretchy-fabric cup tops. Top cup stretch helps the bra to accommodate the changing breast size and offer breasts the much-needed support and comfort.  

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Mistake 4: Focusing on cheap at the expense of quality

From buying baby clothes and carriers to creating a baby-friendly space, there are so many expenses that a mother has to plan for and incur as she welcomes her little one. As such, some mothers try as much as they can to keep the expenses at  ‘reasonable’ levels by buying cheap items, including bras.

Although cheap bras can save you a few bucks at the moment, they are expensive in the long run because they tend to lose their elasticity after being washed a few times. Therefore, you’ll have to keep on buying them now and then.

Worse still, these bras are less comfortable than high-quality, pricier bras and are less supportive.  If you are looking for nursing bras that will give you maximum value for your money, go for the ones with quality materials and trims, multiple layers and a soft touch.   

Mistake 5: Failure to consider one’s wardrobe

Despite being pregnant or breastfeeding, you have a whole life to live. Perhaps you can do some physical exercises. A friend might invite you to a party. You wear different clothes for different occasions. However, just like many other breastfeeding or pregnant women, you might forget to consider such things in your lifestyle while purchasing nursing bras. Some mothers don’t know that there are different nursing bras for different purposes and occasions. The best choice depends on the purpose for which you intend to buy.

Mistake 6: Overlooking the help of professional bra fitter

Nearly any mother who doesn’t use a professional bra fitter to know her body shape/measurements, and the right bra size for her has at least one nursing bra that she wore only once or just a few times. Maybe the bra is too small or large for her. Without professional advice from the expert, a first-time mum is highly likely to make many wrong choices as far as purchasing nursing bras is concerned.

To avoid such frustrations and get the perfect match, it’s recommended for the mother to use the help of the expert in such purchase decisions. Ultimately, she’ll be able to find a correctly fitted bra that will make her look and feel amazing and offer her that much needed breast support.

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Mistake 7: Purchasing a wired bra to wear during rapid breast growth periods

Wired bras are a preferred choice by many women because of their great support, but they are not the best to wear during rapid breast growth periods, especially the first three weeks after giving birth. If you put on such bra at that time, you’ll find it very uncomfortable. Besides, due to too much compression, it can make your breasts do develop conditions like mastitis. A seamless or wireless bra is the best to wear at that time.


If you are a first-time mum, try as much as you can to avoid these nursing bras mistakes to give your girls the much comfort and the support they need as you nurse your young one. And if you want to check out some great nursing bras that our fitters recommend, try out our maternity collection here.

August 10, 2019 — Mori Bay