You are here because you want to know what are hipster panties. Well, you are going to get all the information you might need to figure out whether you might be interested in wearing them.

To the Point: What are Hipsters?

Hipster panties are sporty, trend panty for women everywhere.

They’re the comfortable middle ground between boy shorts and bikinis with a look that flatters and avoids visible panty lines.

With More Details: What are Hipsters?

They sit on the hips of the wearer. What does that mean? The waistband goes around the waist. The more technical definition is that the distance between the crotch and the waist of the garment (this phrase applies to any clothing  - just that here it is referring to the hipster panty) is such that it ends at the waist.
Clothes can actually be higher or lower than the hipster. The higher ones are called high-rise, the lower are called low-rise.

Why wear hipster panties?

If you look at all panties as a spectrum, then hipsters make a good middle ground between the boyshort and the bikini.
On one side, the boyshort has a lot of coverage, going all the way down the waist, and look like mens briefs.
Meanwhile all the way at the other side, the bikini-cut sits at the waist like the hipster does but there is a lot less fabric. The bottom of the bikini panty is high. So the terminology is that the bikini-cut panty offers a lot less “coverage”.
Women wear the hipster because it has a reputation of being flattering to the figure.

In addition, the fact that the hipster has a low “cut” (meaning that the borders of the panty are much lower than traditional panties) means that the panty lines can be less visible than with other panties.

What are they made of?

Cotton is the most common, really. But there is a lot of diversity in the range of fabrics that can be used to make this. We have come across spandex, lace, and satin.
The hipster in hipster panties refers to the style and the way they are made, what the panty itself is made of is not relevant here.

What should we look out for when buying hipster underwear?

Think about the amount of coverage. There are many different variants even within the category and that might cause some confusion.
The biggest differentiation is that of coverage. Brands might offer full-coverage, half-coverage, or even less than that. The only thing that you should keep in mind that coverage refers to the amount of buttock that the panties naturally cover.

Do you recommend any hipsters?

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May 02, 2018 — Mori Bay