The days simply fly by, don't they? 2019 is gone in a flash and now we are off into the second decade of the 21st century. We here at MORI BAY have had an eventful 2019. The love that you have shown us, we can never forget. 

We originally came up with MORI BAY because we all used to hike together at the stunning Mori Point. But we have gone far beyond the San Francisco Bay Area and it is time our name reflected that. 

 Team outing at Mori Point

We brainstormed hard to come up with something unique, memorable, and forward-looking - but also harkens back to our roots and journey. It is not easy! 

So here we go. MORI BAY is now MORROW+MINT Lingerie.

Let us explain. "Morrow" in English means "the time following the event," which covers our goal of looking forward. But at the same time, we liked that the word Morrow itself still harkens back to our old name. Honoring the past while at the same time looking to the future. 

We chose Mint for the same two reasons. The co-founders used to co-work at an office in San Francisco on Mint Street, so we had a connection to the place. Yet at the same time, we love the literal freshness of the name.🌿 

Born in San Francisco.
Established in Hong Kong.
Operated in Taipei.
Loved by women Worldwide.

We are excited to see where our path will take us in the near future. It is a privilege to accompany you in life's journey forward. 

Much love,
The team at MORROW+MINT Lingerie

January 05, 2020 — Autoketing Plus Collaborator
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