Let's talk about maternity lingerie. Being a parent is going to be the hardest thing that you’ve ever done and you need all the help and support that you can get. There is just so so much that you have to do … so the question you might be thinking is: Do you really need to be thinking about your lingerie right now? What’s the point of buying maternity bras?

The thing though is that when you are going through a period of time when your body is changing. After birth, your hormone levels are changing. Your breasts and chest are shifting in size as they fill with milk and the baby starts to breastfeed. This causes lots of changes that we have to deal with in a specialized way. So let’s do that, shall we?

We thought hard about what a good maternity bra should be. How are we going to best accommodate the changes that your body are going through? What does your body need to help get through the day in one place? And after a lot of debate we cut it down to the basics.

  • Comfort. Comfort. Comfort! Comfort is key - We want the maternity bra you are wearing to be immensely comfortable, made from soft and stretchy materials to cradle your changing body shape
  • Additional hook and eye back closures that make it so that you can adjust the bra to fit your rib cage’s fluctuating changes
  • Easy click open and close cups as opposed to the foldover cups you find on more traditional bras. Depending on how you prefer to breastfeed, it allows you to breastfeed without exposing both sides of your breasts

And the last thing? Well it has to look good too. And don’t worry we got that handled too.

Here are some of our best sellers here at Mori Bay:

The Plush Plunge Wirefree Nursing Bra

The Floral Lace Triangle Longline Nursing Bralette

Lace Full Coverage Nursing Bralette

Like what you see? Well then we think by now you just gotta see what we have been working on. See the rest of the collection here.

November 22, 2018 — Mori Bay