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4 Bralette Sets We Think You'll Love (That Aren't Calvin Klein)

Move over Calvin Klein. There is a new bralette set in town.

Bralette sets are great for all of us because they are convenient to buy, easy to wear, and most of all feel great. For those of us who have been in the bra business for a long time, we like the idea of a set because we made them to fit a wide array of bodies and shapes. 

For the most part though, when you think about bralette sets, you are thinking about something out of the Calvin Klein wardrobe. And there really is nothing wrong with what they get. Personally we like their assortment of simple basics. You know what you are getting - something in cotton and microfiber bathed in a classic design that is not going to set the world on fire ... 

That is fine. Go ahead and stick those sets into your wardrobe. There are days when you want to be basic. But there are also days when you want to go all out. And that is what we are about. We have been in the bra and bralette set business for years now. That is what we live and breathe. So you can rely on us to bring you some of the very best. 

What We Were Looking For

When looking for a beautiful, amazing bralette set, we thought down to the foundation. Back to square one. We wanted something that did not look like any ordinary piece of work. We wanted something that asserts itself - even if the only person who it asserts to is yourself. 

Design and Materials

Our story and belief has always been that you can wear something that is both fashionable and functional. We look for materials that look and feel great. There is nothing more frustrating to us than getting something new, putting it on but never trying it again because gosh it is just too darn uncomfortable. That sucks, wouldn't you agree?

Yet at the same time, we are striking a balance. Life is about more than just being 100% functional all the time. You want to look great. Don't you think life is more than just the basics? So every bralette set you will find here has a little something that catches our eye. A bit of lace at the edges or a sexy something that shows some care and love. 

For example, take our Deep V Criss Cross Bralette. The first thing that catches your eye is that wonderful criss cross strappy detailing - a wonderful but simple addition that perfectly strikes the balance that we were talking about. Just a little bit of extra style goes a long way. 


Colors are great! Who said that everything has to be in black and nude? There are other colors out there in the world you know. Not to say that you need to go out and buy your next bralette set in bright neon green, but we knew from the get-go that our assortment needed to have a distinct color. 

Color reflects how we feel. In the morning after you get up and are deciding what you want to put on for the rest of the day, a changeup color like the coral pink of our Mori Bay Lace Triangle Longline just feels right. That is exactly what we are going for. 

So without further ado ... 

The MORI BAY Lace Triangle Longline Bralette Set (Coral Pink)


The MORI BAY Deep V Criss Cross Bralette Set (Cobalt/White)


The MORI BAY Triangle Front-closure Bralette Set (Burgundy Red)


NEW! Scallop Lace Triangle Bralette Set

Like What You See?

Well then I think we are going to be very good friends. Welcome to Mori Bay, where we have some of the best bra and bralette sets that you can find. We have been living and talking bras for nearly our entire working careers. Check out the wonderful bralette sets on this blog post or take a look at our entire wirefree product page, featuring some of our best sellers. 



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