There are many types of bras out there in all sorts of shapes and sizes to cater to all the various stages of pregnancy and childbirth. And we are the first to admit that sometimes it can all get a little confusing. You might be wondering — “Well, what bras do I really need?” 

So here we came up with a list of 4 must-have bras that you need during pregnancy and breastfeeding. These are the bra essentials that every woman should first get for her wardrobe.

Wirefree Lace Bra for Amazing Comfort & Style

Some pregnant and nursing moms find wearing wired bras quite uncomfortable. If you are one of them, there a solution to that: A wirefree lace bra. The best non-wired bras, which are also known as “bralette" bras, are designed to offer great support without using any support wire. It may not provide a high level of lift or excellent shape like a wired one, but it is a good choice for pregnant or nursing women, particularly because of improved comfort and easier fit. Once you find one in the correct size, a lace wirefree bra is so comfortable that you can wear it all day long without any complaint.

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Foldover Maternity/Nursing Bra for Adapting to Changing Breasts

A Foldover nursing bra, a foldover cup style bra, or a cross-over cup style bra features a more low cut design as compared to the other bras on this list. Its fabric stretches to accommodate the changing size and shape of your breasts. Get one with multiple hook rows because those can give you room to adjust to different band sizes as your delivery date approaches. It’s a bra that can grow with you even after delivery.

When you start breastfeeding your baby, you can pull one of the cups aside and slip your breast out for the little one to suckle. The best, Foldover nursing bras, like Luxe Comfort Maternity/Nursing Bralette, feature hook-and-eye back closure for easy putting on and taking off. Besides, they have soft wireless cups to give you your breast the comfort you deserve during your pregnancy journey and while nursing. The softness of the fabric also enhances comfort.

Sports Nursing Bra for Staying in Shape During/After Pregnancy

Regular physical exercises are very important for an expectant mother as they strengthen her muscles and helps her body cope better with pregnancy-related aches and pains. As such, if you are pregnant, you need a nursing bra that can support an active lifestyle. And on that note, a nice sports bra has you covered.

Sports bras offer pregnant women with extra support when they’re performing physical exercises. Besides holding breasts into place, thus preventing them from much bouncing and reducing friction, a sports bra also wicks away moisture, especially sweat, from your body. The majority of bras in this category feature mesh panels to improve breathability, leaving its wearer with an incredible coolness.

Before you buy a sports bra to support your breasts during pregnancy, it is important to know that there are some sports bras with rigid fabrics while others are all stretchy. The rigid ones are suitable for women that participate in rigorous exercises like running. In case your doctor has advised you to avoid such exercises (as it is the case with most pregnant women), go for the ones with stretchy fabrics.

A Sports bra has wide straps which provide comfortable support. If you won’t have outgrown it (there are high chances that you won’t), the bra will still be convenient even as you breastfeed. Just drop down its cups down and feed your little ones effortlessly!

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A Full Coverage Nursing Bra for All Situations 

You can wear your full coverage bra during and after your pregnancy as it has the correct balance of stretch to accommodate your cup size and shape changes as well as band size changes which are very dynamic during prenatal and postnatal periods. The best full coverage nursing bras also have an incredibly soft feel and generally very comfortable. As long as you select your appropriate size and from a reputable brand, a full-coverage nursing bra will cover your breasts fully and provide them with plenty of support.

Some full coverage nursing bras come in the form of nursing tanks, covering even your stomach. You can wear such bra alone or put on another blouse or sweater on top of it. Whichever the case, a full coverage bra has tightly knitted underband, big cups and side panels to hold your breast entirely without digging into your skin. And..ooh! You are at liberty to choose between wired and wireless full coverage bras. However wireless are the most preferred by pregnant mothers.

Bonus! A Pumping Bra for Making Pumping Easy

Hey! Why not plan ahead? While you are buying a milk pump and other relevant accessories for breastfeeding, you can pick out a bra that helps make pumping hassle-free. A pumping bra is your best bet for this. When choosing a pump nursing bra, select the one with a soft fabric and adjustable straps for added comfort and double lined flexi-wire cups for extra lift.

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July 28, 2019 — Autoketing Plus Collaborator